Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TAPES NOT DEAD! PAGANFIRE split tape assault!

The following PAGANFIRE split tapes are still available.
Home-dubbed on regular cassette tapes via normal bias/speed.
Includes pro-printed covers.

PAGANFIRE/MODER (Germany). Released by TERRORBLAST Prods (Macedonia). PAGANFIRE contributed 4 exclusive live in the studio tracks from 2011.

PAGANFIRE/BEAST PETRIFY (Singapore) - Hypnotic Thrashing Beast. Released by POSER BLASTER Prods (Chile). PAGANFIRE contributed 3 tracks from various recordings from 2004-2005

PAGANFIRE/EVIL ATTACK (Chile)- United by Thrash and Beer II. Released by RAWBLACKCULT Prods (Bolivia) and KURAVILU Prods (Chile). PAGANFIRE contributed their debut demo from 2004.

P200 (Phil) / $5 (world). Each item. Includes Postage.

Attention labels/distro, I will accept bulk trade that includes: 1 master CDr + 3 pro-printed covers each item. No more. No less. Write first indicating your offer before sending anything.

No order from Davao will be accepted.

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